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From Camera Shy to Camera Confident in 4 Weeks.

How The Challenge Works

It’s a 4 week challenge to help you get comfortable being yourself on camera,and learn how to create great, simple, yet powerful low-tech videos!

Recording Tips

Each weekday of the challenge you get a recording tip to help you frame, light, and get the most out of your video equipment (even if it’s just a smartphone).

Simple Prompts

AND you get a simple prompt so you know what to talk about. 

This allows you to shift your focus from what to say, to growing and implementing your new video skills.

Safe Space

Then you record a 2-minute video and share it in our private Facebook group, with your fellow challengers. This way you can practice and learn in a totally safe space!

Get ready to get comfy on camera...

You are not alone.

Join the thousands of other coaches, mentors, online entrepreneurs, artists, authors, hobbyists, and generally great people who have taken the leap and made the decision to join Ignite Video Challenge and overcome their camera fears and struggles.

Overcome all obstacles...

With helpful demos and a safe space to practice. 

You'll get complete access to the Ignite Video Challenge, entry to your small private Facebook group, 4 weeks of fun and connection, 17 prompts and tips, oodles of extra demos and trainings, and a special incentive to help you actually complete the challenge! Winking Face on Apple iOS 11.3

And harness the power of video in your business.

People are moving their lives more and more online.

Those that create a true connection and bond with their audience will thrive in our new economy. Video is the perfect next step to take. 


All for only $25

Ignite Video Challenge starts on the first Monday of the month and spaces are extremely limited. We close our doors a few days before the challenge starts OR whenever we sell out (which usually happens fast!)

April – Ignite Video Challenge

March 1 – 23, 2021

This challenges starts Monday, March 1st and runs for 4 weeks. (17 videos with weekends off).

Doors close when available spots sell out OR 4 days before the start of the challenge, whichever happens first.


I do FB Lives now anytime, anywhere...


Whoohoo! I learned a ton from Niamh and the challenge. I do FB Lives now anytime, anywhere I feel moved to share something that might benefit folk... Do this challenge if you are afraid of video AT ALL.”

~ Jen S.


It will change your life...


I've been in this challenge before and I have to tell you, it will change your life. You will enjoy videos, and it will become easy for you. The only condition is a commitment, do it every day to create a habit. Do it every day and brilliant Niamh will convert you to an excellent speaker and video creator."

~ Eve V.


I really didn't think I'd like making videos, but...


I just wanted to thank you. I really didn't think I'd like making videos, but I am! And I'm discovering among many other things, that video is such a shortcut to getting a sense of a person's personality. Much faster than writing, for example. Thanks for your support and tips."

~ Tzippi M.


No extra equipment required, just your smartphone...


I've mentioned video challenges to a lot of my clients who want to get more comfortable on video. Niamh's challenge is brilliant for anyone who wants to get started with making videos whether for Facebook or YouTube or your website. You will learn so much and have heaps of practice with video making. No extra equipment required, just your smartphone."

~ CL Coaching.


Thank you for keeping it real.


You are doing a great service with these video challenges. Not only do I get experience making videos, but a lot of self reflection in the process. You see to also practice your own advice in the videos. Thank you for keep it real."

~ Legna N.


I'm learning so much from my fellow Igniters...


Just having the 5-days-a-week practice has been so helpful. And watching and talking with the others is helping me be more self-forgiving. I'm learning so much from my fellow Igniters."

~ Anthony S.


Amazing Leadership and great group support


"If you've ever wanted to feel confident making and posting videos on-line - or even if you haven't really wanted to but feel it might be useful - this is a fantastic way to get there in a single month with amazing leadership and great group support."

~ Carol C.


Got questions? While I may not be able to mind-read (yet) after running this challenge for over five years we find we run into the same questions time and time again. Here’s the answers.

Copyright 2020 – Ignite Video Challenge – All Rights Reserved

What kind of camera/equipment will I need?

All you need to take part in the Ignite Video Challenge is some kind of camera and access to Facebook.

That camera can be the one on your smartphone (these turn out to be fantastic cameras for recording videos) OR a webcam. You do not need to have a fancy camera to take part, and no other tech or equipment is needed.

What's the daily time commitment?

The daily video from me is 5-10 minutes depending on the length of time it takes to give you an in depth tip.

Once you know the process it will take you about 5 minutes to setup and record your response. We also ask that you watch and comment on 3 other daily videos (2 minutes each) to cheer others on, but also to learn what you respond to in videos and what helps you feel connected to the video creator.

Most challengers spend from 15 – 30 minutes per weekday on the challenge.

I don't have Facebook, can I still take part?

As the entire challenge takes place on Facebook, you will not be able to see the daily videos or take part in the challenge without a Facebook account.

If you don’t have one, you can set up a free account to use for the purposes of the challenge, but you must have a Facebook account BEFORE registering for Ignite Video Challenge.

What is the refund policy?

At just $25 to join, the challenge has been priced to be an easy yes for anyone who wants to take part. In order to support you in sticking to your decision and make it a powerful challenge for all, we do not offer refunds once the challenge has begun.

Before Day 1, we will process refunds on request, however if you are asking this question I would recommend referring to the next question. It might be worth double checking with yourself if this challenge is right for you.

I've never recorded a video, can I still take part?

Of course! Many people join the Ignite Video Challenge because they have never recorded before and want to learn how. You’ll be in good company.

We have a whole slew of simple demos to walk you through the process of recording and sharing your videos from smartphones or computers.

I'm not sure, how long do I have to decide?

We close our doors a few days before the challenge begins. However, with limited spots per challenge, we do sell out most months.

You may find the doors close sooner than expected.